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Large Squared Quarter
Weight: 1/2 oz. (15.552 gr), Size: 1" x 1" (25.4 x 25.4 mm) .999 Silver

The Squared Quarter, a computer generated circle-to-square projection of the U.S 25c piece, was released in 1983/84. The press referred to it as a satirical coin-token, pop art piece, coined cartoon, sci-fi coin, etc. It gained nationwide attention as a "coined satire" of Reaganomics. President Reagan's attempt to bring Supply-Siders and Monetarists, two mutually exclusive economic schools, together in his fiscal policy, was seen by many observers as trying to square the circle.

In the numismatic press the Squared Quarter was recognized as a unique technical achievement, the first square coin-item with sharp corners and serrated edges struck in a die with collar, and the first coin-token designed with the aid of a computer, (before the Personal Computer).

it was issued in two limited .999 silver editions, a 1/4 oz.piece and a 1/2 oz. version. The 1/4 oz. edition was limited to 1300 pieces and the 1/2 oz. edition to 600. In addition 330 pieces were struck in nickelsiver as promotional samples.

The Squared Quarter was produced and sold by Square Deal Productions, Inc. New York and minted by the Medallic Art Company in Danbury, CT. At the end of 1984, Square Deal Productions was dissolved. The dies were disabled and donated to the Smithsonian Museum, where they are permanently archived in the National Numismatic Collection.

Price: $300

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